Friday, June 1, 2018

Sydney, Nova Scotia

Sydney is home to the magnificent and gorgeous Cape Breton, a wondrous wilderness full of breathtaking views, interesting wildlife and a hardy people.
The Cabot Trail takes you through and to the Cape.

Having only one day in port, it's quite difficulty to try to do justice to Cape Breton, as a one way drive is nearly seven hours all in. Not time to stop and enjoy it for its beauty.

I'd been here before and we took a private tour about half way out the Cabot Trail, in the fall of 2013. The leaves were changing then and it was quite a sight. Being here in the spring adds a whole new dimension to the area. Everything is green and flowers are blooming. Equally as pretty as fall.

Today we took another private tour - just 8 of us with Sean of Blue Thistle Tours. We went out to Baddeck, a pretty little town on Bras d'or Lake, and home of the Alexander Graham Bell Museum, and also his home until his death in 1942.

Bell was a very interesting guy. Always curious about everything, he narrowed his focus in his earlier years to communicating via electricity. With his partner, Watson, they invented the first telephone. As is usual with societal-changing inventions, this too was a bit of an accident. They were working on a telegraph but discovered that the electricity and sound could be captured on a wire. Now, this is totally oversimplification of my part, and probably half wrong, but I wanted to convey the excitement and major impact that Bell and his life's work has had on our lives.

He was also married to Mabel, a deaf student of his when he was teaching the visual alphabet along with his father. Alexander and Mabel were happily married for many years and are buried together at their Baddeck home.

The Baddeck area, about 45 minutes or so outside of Sydney, is very picturesque. After our visit to the museum, we grabbed sandwiches to go and drove up to a local organic microbrewery and enjoyed our lunch, along with some beer sampling.

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