Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Freak then Seek

When I went to pick up Molly from day care yesterday, they told me that Wag is closing down as of October 1st! It seems the Roseville location (where Molly goes) is not making it financially, so it was a business decision to close down.

That put me into a big emotional spin, because Molly NEEDS daily dog care at a day care place. She cannot stay home alone. This is no luxury for her, it's a necessity. So, of course, I freaked. Cried. Ranted. Raged. (all in the car, by the way, not in public....). Then, true to my nature, I calmed down and decided I needed to act, not react.

So, today, with the help of a couple of the great people at Wag, I found another doggy day care for Molly. It costs a little bit more, but it's close, the place has been there for 8 years and isn't going anywhere, and the owner and her facility come very highly recommended. I visited there after work today, and liked it. I think Molly will be happy there.

The place is a lot different than Wag. First of all, at Waggin Tails, the dogs hang out on a 2-acre spread, outdoors. They have covered areas providing shade and shelter from the rain. There's lots of grass and straw, so Molly will be able to run around (or walk, more likely) without worrying about slipping, as Wag is an indoor facility. I am a little concerned about the winter, when it can get cold out, but we'll play it by ear. There's another dog that is 16 years old and deaf who hangs out - in fact, he's been coming for 7 years, so I think Molly will be just fine.

Well, another crisis averted. Now I can go off to New Mexico for my mini-vacay without worry.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Miss that chit chat

I called Sam today. She's had a rough couple of weeks - and she finally made a decision about something that I fully support, not that she needed that, but I'm hoping she appreciates my being there for her.

Anyway, even though we chat by gmail and email each other pretty often - nearly every day - I really miss talking "live" with her every day. Not even to talk about something important, just the normal daily chatter - "hey, what's up, nothing, how're you". Just hearing her voice makes me feel like everything is a-okay.

When she lived in New York, going to college, she used to call me at night, late for her, when she was coming home from either work, or the library, or from some friend's dorm or apartment. We'd chat while she waited for a bus or in a taxi if it was really late, until she got back to her dorm. I miss those chats!

I know it sounds dumb, but I watch tv shows and see kids coming over/dropping by their parent's homes and I secretly wish to myself that I could have that. That we could share shabbat every week, or Sunday brunch, or just a glass of wine and a whine session!

I'll keep hoping. Hope springs eternal.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm in love with my car

It's been one month - since I fell in love------- with my new car!!!!

I have spent the better part of this year thinking about, then researching, the purchase of a new car. PURRRRRRRchase. PURRRRRRfect.

I found her at the Toyota dealer. My Bluebell. A 2010 V6 4WD Pacific Blue Metallic Limited Toyota RAV4.

She is everything I dreamed of and more. Sleek. Shiny. That beautiful intoxicating new car smell. The thlunk sound you hear when the doors shut you inside of her, making the outside noise of the world go away. The keyless ignition - just touching her button makes her engine come to life.