Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Time for Catch-Up

My gosh. I am ashamed to open my blog and ready it for my upcoming trip to Southeast Asia and see that I have not made any kind of post for well over a year! Good grief. Many important things have taken place since my last post: Molly died. Sam got married. Sam got pregnant. Summie died. Sam and Ari moved back to the U.S. and into my house. (btw, that's a big YAY!!) Sam had a baby. Ori Rose. Born 4/21/12. I became a grandma! (btw, another big YAY!!!) Ari got a great job in his industry. Jack also came to live with us. (btw, a 3rd big YAY!!) We bought a house and now we are a multi-generational family living together. Okay, I'm caught up. Whew.