Sunday, June 27, 2010

Time to Travel

Things are looking up. I booked my flights for my visit to Israel later this year. Considering how far away Israel is, the cost was pretty decent for the round trip. I was expecting to pay several hundred more than I did. Yay!

I'm leaving via LAX on Thanksgiving and returning on 12 December. It's a good long trip, but I don't think I'll wear out my welcome. I think I make a decent houseguest, plus Sam and Ari will be working during most of my time there, so I think that their dog Jack and I will become best buds.

We're also setting up a little 3 day trip to Cairo while I'm there, to visit that magnificent (crowded) old city as well as the pyramids at Giza. We'll do that over a long weekend so Ari and Sam will only need to take one day off from work. I've got a tour company almost arranged - I'm still doing some comparison shopping, but hope to get that nailed down soon. Internal flights to/from Cairo we'll be doing on our own. It's only an hour flight from Tel Aviv, but it shaves tons of time off the trip from the driving alternative.

Other travel plans also include Adrienne's and my annual birthday trip - this year we're going to New Mexico. Our flights are booked for that too, so I now need to make hotel/B&B arrangements, car rental, etc. This trip is in late September. We will visit Taos, Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Next weekend, I'm going to Sonoma to pick up Lucas, who will be staying with me for 2 weeks, while his mom and dad (Jim and Mary) fly to New York to visit with their son Jim, who is one of my long-time close friends. Jimmy recently returned from a 10-year stint in London and is now living and working in New York City. He's excited to have his folks come to New York to visit. Jim (elder) had a pretty serious stroke 2 years ago while visiting his other son, Greg, in Rhode Island. Jim's now mostly paralyzed on his left side, but let me tell you something - this man has found ways to get around, move about and do things you'd never believe, given his condition. I know he scares his kids by the things he does, (including driving....) but I'm in awe of him. This man does not let anything get the best of him. God bless him. Oh, Lucas. Well, Lucas is a 3 year old (or is he 2?) standard white poodle. He's HUGE. And he's a good boy, likes Miss Molly, and I'm excited to be able to have him come stay with me. I'm also hoping that by having Lucas here, I'll be able to sneak out of the house once or twice and maybe go to a movie, or visit a friend. See, not being able to leave Miss Molly alone, due to her significant separation anxiety, has me pretty much house-bound over weekends and evenings. Most of the time it's not a big deal, because I love to putter around the house anyway, but I think that having another dog to keep Molly company will put the kabash on her anxiety. When Roxanne was still alive, this was never a problem, so I'm hoping Lucas' being here will bring the same results.

We shall see.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June Gloom

Well, my cousin emailed me and suggested I might not want to disclose such personal info about my neighbors, so, I took his comments under advisement, and have decided to remove the info etc. The likelihood of my weirdo psycho neighbors coming across my blog are pretty much slim to none, but just in case, I've removed it.

Thanks, cuzz.....

The week at work is not shaping up to be much better than last week. For me, things are a bit slow, but given the fact that I've been crazy busy through most of the past year, I don't feel too bad for the slow tempo at the moment. I've done some housekeeping kinds of things to neaten up my files and records, that sort of thing. But, I'm still daydreaming a lot. Thinking of better things to be doing with my ever-decreasing life span.

I'm considering, post-work, and definitely post-pets, to join the Peace Corps for a year or two and go do something really meaningful. Although I've helped to create and raise a most awesome child, there is more to my life, in terms of contributing to the greater good, than that. I want to make a difference!!! I want to change something for someone or somebodies, in a positive way. I guess I have my work cut out for me.

I'm also considering trying to do my world cruise before I retire, rather than after. It's only 4 months, and most of them begin in January, so I'm thinking a short leave of absence might work. It's a slower time of the year for our business, and I could pretend it was maternity leave!!! Ha!! I could go away to "grow a travel baby." Wow, that sounded dumb. Well. Whatever. It's an idea that is germinating....

Molly continues to do well at doggy day care. But she is slowing down a lot, and she is, increasingly, having trouble walking, standing, that sort of thing. I have been taking her to a specialized vet who does acupuncture, so far, we've had 3 sessions. I don't think Molly is showing any signs of improvement, but I'm going to see it through for 1 or 2 more sessions and then will probably stop that. I want to try as much as I can to see what can make Molly feel better. I don't want any "what ifs." I don't want any "coulda, shouldas".

Summer, my cat, seems to be sinking a bit too. She's losing more weight, albeit slowly, and she seems to be more talkative - in the middle of the night - meowing as though the world is coming to an end. I'm not sure what to make of it.

Not much to do but carry on.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day weekend

I decided to take an early day on Friday and left the office at noon, picked up Molly from day care and headed out 80 west towards Carmel. My dad has always referred to their home here on the Monterey Peninsula as "paradise". "Welcome to paradise!" he always says.

There is something to be said for that. It truly is a beautiful place here. The U.S. Open is taking place here at Pebble Beach this weekend so there are plenty of people about. The weather is foggy and cool but I think that makes for great golfing. Or maybe not. My dad said the golfers are having a tough go at the course because the people that oversee the courses have worked really hard at making the course tougher. I don't really know what that means but I think it has something to do with the modifying the courser landscaping-wise.

The biggest news around the neighborhood here at my folks was the spotting of a decent size mountain lion the other morning by their next door neighbor. Apparently the guy walked out onto his back patio and came face to face with the beast. Obviously alarmed and panicked at the same time, our smart neighbor backed up slowly, rounded the corner and then ran back into the house. He then called 911 who told him to call the Department of Fish and Game. They never even bothered to call him back. Well, perhaps when someone or someone's beloved cat, dog or horse is attacked then, perhaps, someone will call back. In the meantime I will be escorting Molly outside for her potty visits, a rme with a broom and a cardboard box with which to make lots of noise, should we be faced with our own encounter. I have to admit I am a little spooked.

I am having lunch with one of my friends today but other than that I plan to just hang with my mom and dad. Tomorrow I will head back to Roseville, land of pretty trees and massive allergy attacks. Oh joy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Sam's been gone - back to Israel to live - for almost 2 months now. It seems surreal. I miss her a lot, but I've been so used to her being away that it sort of seems normal. Until I think about where she is and how far away that is. I miss her. I can't tell you how great it was to have her stay with me earlier this year, for as long as she did. I cherish that time and keep it close. She's turned into such a great young woman and so responsible, so loving, so amazing.