Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cat antics

My cat, Summer, is 17 years old. She, like Molly, is such a trooper. Sick with chronic renal failure for over a year now, putting up with daily sub-q injections of fluids and other medications, she just keeps on keeping on.

I've gone through bouts of massive vomiting - all over my bed, thank you very much - lack of appetite, ravenous appetite, wailing meows in the middle of the night - seemingly for no reason - extra cuddly and needy - and yet she still has some "play" and "fun" left in her.

Tonight she meowed at me incessantly until I fed her (I got home late as I was out helping a friend do her taxes) - and then she just sat on the floor and patiently let me come and pick her up and take her to the bathroom to get her fluids done.

Now, she's sitting on my bed and looking straight up at the ceiling. What she sees up there is beyond my vision, that's for sure. I asked her, and she just turned her head and gave me that "you're SUCH a intolerable human...." LOL.

We started her on daily injections of the kitty version of prednisone last week. That seems to have curbed her vomiting and improved her appetite for now. Let's hope the improvements continue.

In the meantime, she amuses herself by looking out the window, batting about her little blue fuzzy bally thing, staring at the ceiling, and discovering the great outdoors called the front porch.

Love you, Summie!!!