Monday, May 21, 2018

Sail In to Bermuda

A short 1 1/2 day's sail from Boston, lies the beautiful island of Bermuda. It is also the tip of the Bermuda Triangle.

We are here for 3 nights and docked right in town in Hamilton. Tomorrow I have a special tour planned. Mum's the word until then! On Wednesday we're going to see the Crystal Caves and the turtles at the aquarium.

I'm still having trouble posting pictures so until then I may make multiple posts just to load photos.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Goodbye Boston

Blog posting trouble

Having some issues with Blogger and posting. Hope to get it resolved soon. In the meantime my posts may be shorter and less frequent. Stay tuned!

We boarded this morning. Just finished muster drill, unpacked and had some sparkling wine. Now outside watching the pilot boat trail us for pickup. It's a cold and rainy afternoon in Boston as we are sailing towards Bermuda, our first port of call.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Our hotel

Snort likes that we are staying in a "green" hotel since he thinks pigs need to be protected. No bacon served here!

Boston sunset

Monday, May 14, 2018

Time to Cruise Again!

Well, I've been home for about 8 weeks, and it's time for another trip.  We won't count the short weekend jaunt to San Diego as a "real" trip.  That was just a quick breather, hahaha!

In just a couple of days, I fly to Boston and will meet up with Adrienne.  We're taking a cruise from Boston to Bermuda, back to Boston and then up the east coast and to Canada, all the way to Montreal.  A total of 14 days.

We'll spend a couple of days in Boston first, visiting Jack at his home on the Cape, and then looking forward to a nice dinner in town with Vinny and Carol.  These 3, as you might recall, are good friends of mine, that I met on the 2017 World Cruise, and hung out with again during this year's segment from Auckland to Hong Kong. 

Here's our itinerary - we'll be on Holland America's Veendam.  I first sailed on this ship in the fall of 2015, when I did the Boston to San Diego trip, which included my first time through the Panama Canal.  That was a memorable cruise in several ways - I had just been diagnosed with kidney cancer and was awaiting scheduling for removal of my left kidney (which happened a few weeks after I got back home - and over 2 years later, fully cancer free, as the entire tumor was removed successfully), AND, I scattered my Dad's ashes on that same cruise, as he had passed away earlier in the year.  A lot of emotion on the ocean, that trip.

Some people might have just stayed home after a diagnosis like that, but I didn't.  I had just retired, barely two weeks in, and my whole retirement plan was all about traveling the world.  So, even being scared out of my mind, I just pushed forward and got on with my plans.  Not a one of us know what's around the corner for us, so best to just move on and enjoy life to the fullest extent possible.

That was then, and this is NOW!!!!  Here I go again, and this time my BFF is joining me, so it's doubly wonderful.  We're going to have the best time ever! 


Sunday, May 13, 2018

A weekend in San Diego

Last weekend I flew to San Diego to visit friends. The weather was glorious - sunny and warm. It was a perfect weekend getaway, a short one hour flight and I was there!  I had a fabulous time, relaxing, eating great food and catching up.