Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just 77 days to go

77 days of summer officially left. 77 more days of possible 90+ degree days. Sigh.

Just came off a nice 3-day weekend. Love the whole holiday thing. On Saturday, I drove out to Sonoma to pick up Lucas, my friend's parents' ginormous standard poodle. I'm dogsitting the Lukester for 2 weeks while his mom and dad visit Jimmy in New York.

Lucas is a good boy and while it took him a little bit of time to settle in, he's done very well. On Sunday, I got him up (he's quite a good sleeper!!!) at 6 AM and loaded MOlly in her stroller, and Luke hooked up to his leash and off we went on a 2 mile walk. Luke got a good workout and when we got home, after drinking a bunch of water, he promptly plopped down on the living room floor and took a 3 hour nap. LOL!!! What a party animal.

On Monday, we got up at about 6:15 and we headed out again. But this time, it was a 3 mile walk. Lucas was not expecting that extra mile! But since it was his 3rd birthday, I felt we needed to honor that by walking 1 mile for each year of his life. Seems right, don't you agree?

Today, back to work. Dropped Molly off at doggy day care, as usual, and I left Lucas' paperwork so that he can be cleared to attend day care too. Lucas was left at home alone, all day, and he did fantastico! I left the tv on for him - I suppose he was treated to a number of home improvement shows since the channel was on HGTV. He was happy to see both me and Molly return. Tomorrow he gets to go to doggy day care too. He's going to really enjoy having other big dogs to play with all day.

So, for the first time since the end of March, when Sam was still here, I got to go out by myself for a few hours and not worry (too much) about leaving Molly home alone. I was gone for about 3 hours on Monday afternoon. I started out by getting my eyebrows waxed and a pedicure at my local nail salon. Ah, that foot and leg massage is always a welcome thing. Hot pink color on my toes and it was smiles for Sherita.

Next, I went to Target and lollygagged around for nearly an hour. I picked up some toiletry things that I needed, and found a cute tunic top that I just "had to have". Smiles again.

Finally, I went to the grocery store and lollygagged there for about an hour, too. Now, normally I run to the market or store or wherever I "need" to go in between work and picking up Molly from day care, or I rush out at lunch and run my errands. So, having Lucas here to keep Molly company is such a blessing. I'm hoping to get out to a movie this coming weekend!!! Wow!!1 Fresh popped corn and maybe even a soda!! That is bliss. Simple bliss.