Monday, August 1, 2016


As many of you already know, my bestie, Adrienne broke her leg the other day and will not be joining me on the cruise. BUMMER!!

Seriously. I'm really bummed. She's bummed. But it is what it is. And, we both have travel insurance so a small cost saved her thousands. Thank goodness.

I flew up to Seattle yesterday and was able to spend most of the afternoon and early evening visiting with her before leaving to check into my hotel downtown near the pier.

This morning I got up, had a nice complimentary breakfast at the hotel and then walked 4 blocks up to the Space Needle and the Chihuly Gardens and Glass. I last visited the Needle in May, so this trip I really wanted to see Chihuly. I was not disappointed!

After the Gardens, I headed back to the hotel and caught the shuttle to the pier to board the Maasdam for a 14 day tour to Alaska.

Let's go!!


  1. So glad I had a chance to see you before the cruise... Yes, I am bummed i cannot go, but look forward to following you and Snort via your blog :-)

  2. Haven't been here yet, what great photos!!!!

  3. Dreading spending ten hours in the car followed by five days dragging your kids to the beach, the hotel pool and a local restaurant that doesn't offer a children's menu?