Friday, August 12, 2016

My day in Sitka

We arrived in Sitka early this morning. Foggy and more fog. In fact, it is now mid afternoon and the sun has deemed it quite unnecessary to show its face. It's a far different day than when I was here a little over a year ago.

That day, it was gorgeously sunny yet very crispy cold. It was like being to stick to an ice cube while waiting for the sun to melt it and set you loose.

That day in Sitka also was the same day I got the call from my daughter that my Daddy had died. The sun went away for me, then. He had been going downhill, health wise, and I had feared he might die while I was away, but I went anyway. I knew he wanted me to, so l did. I second guess that decision often. But he lived a good good and long life and we all should be so fortunate.

Today I took a ship tour to see the raptor center and the fortress of the Bears. Both were very interesting and quite fun. Our last stop was at the hatchery center for salmon.

Snort and I walked around town after the tour was over. I found a nice soap store with locally made soaps. Full of essential oils and they smell so good! Wintersong Soap Company, if anyone's interested.

I also ventured into the Episcopal church to take a picture of the Star of David in their stained glass. Apparently they had ordered stained glass from far away to fit their special window at the top of the church and when the pieces arrived their was the Star of David right in the middle! And so it remains.

Following are some snaps of my day here.


  1. Hard to believe it's been over a year now since you got the call about your Dad....getting that final call is so hard, even when we "know" it could come anytime.

    Sure wish I could have been with you on this cruise :-(((

    Glad you've had so many interesting adventures

    See ya soon

    Love ya

  2. I have just spent part of my evening reading your wonderful blog. Next best thing travel is reading about someone else's travel and yours was most enjoyable. Thanks for writing it!