Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My day in Kodiak

We arrived in Kodiak, the second largest island in the U.S. (Hawaii is number 1) just as the sun was coming up, about 6:00 AM.

I had a private tour scheduled with Memory Makers, a husband and wife team, Dake and Katie. Nice couple. We did some wildlife viewing and spent some time outside of town looking for bears. We found eagles and rabbits!!

We also visited Fort Abercrombie and enjoyed some wonderful views from the top. A short stop here, all aboard was 1:30. I went into town after the tour to walk around a little bit. Kodiak is small, about 8,000 people. It also is home to the largest US Coast Guard station - there's about 1,500 stationed here. The church you see below is the Russian Orthodox Church. Kodiak has strong Russian heritage as it used to be a Russian owned territory.

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