Friday, August 5, 2016

Endicott Arm

Endicott Arm and Juneau

Yesterday was a cruising glaciers day. We were still in the inside passage and the plan was to turn into Tracy Arm for a scenic tour and at the end of the Arm would be a glacier. 

However, there was too much ice in Tracy Arm which made it dangerous for the ship so the backup plan was Endicott Arm and the Dawes Glacier. 

The day started off foggy and cold but that soon turned to sunny and balmy. After my daily morning 2 mile walk around the promenade deck, I went back to my cabin, showered, dressed and then went up for breakfast. After that, I basically did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. 

Well, not nothing. I drank champagne, read a book, sat out on my balcony and watched the scenery, drank more champagne, took pictures of the glacier, colored in my doodling coloring book, had some more champagne (you know, those bubbles don't last forever) and then finally went down to the dining room for dinner. 

I sat with a really nice couple from Atlanta - Jim and Hillarie. She was very happy her name is spelled differently from "that other one". When she heard I was from California she said that she thought I must like that other Hillary. That comment bemused me. And a little bit insulted me. There is some level of prejudice everywhere isn't there? 
I mean, I realize that California is a blue state, but it's not 100% blue, last time I checked. Mr. "Thrump" did, after all, garner a few delegates from this blue state of ours. 
Anyway, I kept silent. Let her guess what "color" I am. She might be surprised. 

Okay, so back to my story of my day. After dinner I went to the show. It was a sax player named Craig Richard. Or was it Richard Craig?  Shoot. Time for some more champagne. He was decent. Then back to my cabin and again, I was sawing logs by 10:00. 

Up early this morning. As I walked my daily milers around the Promenade deck at 6:30 we glided into Gastineau Bay and sidled up to the dock in Juneau, Alaska's capital city. 

Juneau has been around since before the gold rush days and is Alaska's third largest city boasting a population of around 83,000. It is behind Fairbanks (#2) and Anchorage. Anchorage has 300,000 people. I like a big state with not a lot of people.  

I went zip lining this morning with about 7 others from the ship.  We had a great time!

After zip lining my way through the forests of Douglas Island we came back and I took the tram up the mountain and did some hiking. Back down, ate lunch and had a nice local beer at the Red Dog and spent the rest of the afternoon in town wandering around and window shopping. 

Tomorrow is Icy Strait! Going whale watching there!!!

Pictures from Endicott Arm

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  1. What a wonderful day to sit on your balcony and sip bubbly whilst watching such beautiful scenery go by