Sunday, August 7, 2016

Icy Strait

Good Saturday morning to you! We are docked in Icy Strait Point and it's not yet 7:00 AM. 

I got up at 5:00 - just woke up naturally as it was already light outside - donned my walking clothes and headed downstairs for my morning 2 miler. I walked for about 45 minutes this morning so I'm betting it turned into a 3 mile jaunt. Good thing, because when I toddled upstairs to the Lido afterwards for a cup of coffee ( the Explorations Cafe does not open until 7:00 AM - the horror!!!!) I stumbled across my favorite curly buns in the world - the ensaymadas.  All I can say about that is YUM!! I had asked for them a few days ago but was told that they rotate them. What??!  I guess I got spoiled on both the Zaandam and the Westerdam earlier this year when they were available every day. Sigh. First world problems.......

Anyway, today I have planned a whale watching tour. It's a private tour with Glacier Wind Tours. There will be only 5 passengers. Should have been 6, but with Adrienne breaking her leg and all, we're only 5. Unless the company found another customer. Either way it promises to be a beautiful day and I've already seen some Orcas on our way in this morning. 

We're only here until 2:00 PM. I will do my best to post again before we depart as tomorrow is a day at sea. We will arrive in Anchorage Monday morning. 

I'll sign off for now as my "buns" are waiting !!!   

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