Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My happy morning in Amsterdam

I woke up relieved and happy on Saturday, knowing I could get on the ship and that everything was going to be okay.

My goal this morning, besides hoping against hope that my lost wallet was found, was to visit the Van Gogh Museum and to enjoy a nice walk around the immediate area.

The museum was excellent!! They've done a really nice job with it and I developed an even keener knowledge and awe for this wonderful artist. Such a shame he was so troubled.

While out and about, I spotted one of the "offending" buses where all of my troubles began. I had to take a picture, of course.

The beautiful big brick building is the Rijksmuseum, which contains Rembrandts and other Dutch Masters art. I will visit this one as part of my Tauck river cruise when we return to Amsterdam later in August.

If you even think you might like Indonesian food, you must visit Sama Sebo. And have the fixed platter of multiple dishes. Phenomenal. Oh, and have some Dutch gin. Bernd made me........ bahahahaha!

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