Saturday, July 22, 2017

Bergen Fantoft Stave Church

We slithered into the port of Bergen early this morning. It was overcast, drizzly and just plain goopy out. Yes! My kind of weather!!

Today I was visiting a Stave church, and Edvard Grieg's home. Then, some free time in town to do what I pleased.

A Stave is a medieval wooden Christian church and very common in Northern Europe. This particular one was completely destroyed in 1992 by an arsonist but the church was rebuilt to be an exact replica. The original was completed in the 1100's so it's a shame someone decided it would be a good idea to burn it down. The replica was completed in 1997.

On the way to the church we drove past the "home" of the Norwegian royal family. If they are in town there would be a flag flying from the top of the roof. No one there today.

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