Saturday, July 29, 2017

Isafjordur Iceland

This is a small town in the northwest of Iceland, in the Westfjords region, and yet another example of diverse and magnificent landscapes. The population is about 2,600. It has one of the largest fisheries in Iceland but also has attracted some high tech companies of late. 

The town has an airport, hospital and even a cultural center. There are regular flights to Reykjavik, which take about 30 minutes. 

Tourism is also growing as small cruise ships are able to navigate the fjord that the town sits on. 

A small group of us had a tour with IG Tours today. The main highlight of the tour was a visit out to Dynjandi Falls, about 90 minutes away via a 5 kilometer tunnel, and a slightly scary yet gorgeous vista dirt and gravel road that wound through the tall mountain range that surrounds the fjord and town. 

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