Wednesday, March 8, 2017


We had two stops in Vietnam- Nga Trang, a lovely beach resort area, and Saigon. 

I woke up in Nga Trang feeling tired and I didn't seem to have much get up and go, so I didn't get up or go. At some point in the morning I did go up to the Lido and had a small breakfast. I also ventured off the shop onto the dock where a bunch of vendors had set up shop. But I didn't buy anything and didn't stay but for a few minutes. 

I visited Nga Trang in 2013 so I think I've got pictures and a blog post about it from then. Cheating, I know. I'm slightly sorry. 

Later that evening, during the show, I started getting a tickle in my throat. Shit. Things went slightly downhill from there. I slept poorly and coughed a lot. But in Saigon I had a ship tour booked to go out to the famous Cu Chi Tunnels and no way was I going to miss it. I swallowed some Tylenol and ate as much of a hearty breakfast as I could and got on the bus. I was very mindful to only cough into my scarf and I tried very hard not to bother anyone. 

It was a three hour one way trip to the tunnels. An hour to Saigon, an hour through Saigon and another hour to the tunnels which lie north of the city. 

The tunnels are located in the Cu Chi district of Saigon and ran close alongside the main supply highway through the country. These are part of a much larger network of tunnels running throughout the country. 

Some of the areas had tunnels running three levels deep and the Vietnam Cong used these tunnels quite extensively in launching the Tet Offensive in 1968. 

They also used them as hiding spots during combat, as makeshift hospitals and supply rooms for weapons. 

I got to crawl into some of the tunnels and was glad for the chance. After our visit there our guide took us to a nearby restaurant for a Vietnamese lunch and then we started the long trek home. We were the last bus to get back, with 15 minutes before "all aboard". Sometimes a ship's tour is a good thing because the won't leave without you. 

I held up pretty well all day but I paid the price overnight where my throat was burning and my body aching. We had a sea day yesterday and I laid low all day, sleeping most of it away. 

Today we arrived in Singapore for two days. I'm feeling better but nowhere close to wanting to leave the ship. In 2013 I also visited Singapore so this there's only a couple of places I'd like to see. Well we will see how tomorrow looks. 

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