Saturday, March 18, 2017



What can I say about Delhi.  Or all of India. Some bare semblance of organized chaos. 

Our flight arrived late morning and we were met by our driving Vee and a representative from the tour company. It was about a 30 minute drive to the hotel, where we checked in and then rested for a few hours. Everyone was tired and a bit irritable. We needed a break. It had been a very early wake up call in Sri Lanka plus the usual hassle and long lines and lots of trudging through airports. 

Feeling a bit refreshed, we were picked up about 3:00 PM and off we went for a rickshaw ride tour of Old Delhi. But first, a stop at the old Mosque. I didn't know about anyone else. It I have started getting very weary of mosques and temples and shrines. While each one is different and had its own interesting story, I did wish to have a bit of a break. Turns out, my traveling companions were of the same mind. 

The rickshaw ride was long and fun and full of sights and smells (spices, foods, etc.) and sounds. Oh my goodness the sounds. Incessant honking and beeping and yelling. Over and over and over. Never stopping. An all out rape of the ears. Unwanted. Violent. Painful. 

I will let the pictures tell the rest. Agra is tomorrow and it will be a long full day, culminating with a sunset view of the Taj Mahal from

Across the river. Just a tease for the "main event" the day after. 

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