Friday, March 3, 2017

Two Days in Shanghai

After such a great day in Xian we said goodbye to our guide and hopped onto another plane, this time bound for Shanghai. 

We arrived close to midnight and were driven directly to our hotel. The ship would not arrive until the next day. We slept well and were ready to go touring early the next morning. 

This day we were going to a water village. There are a number of them throughout the country and the one we visited was about 2 hours outside the city. It is called Zhouzhuang. We spent several hours there and then returned to Shanghai, this time to our ship, which was sitting all pretty in the harbor by the Bund. 

It was good to be back "home" after an absence of almost 5 days. I had just enough time to run down to the dining room and enjoyed dinner with Jack, who was all alone at our table for 4 this evening. 

After dinner, I unpacked and filled a laundry bag with dirty clothes, showered and fell into bed, but not after grabbing some photos of the evening skyline that is Shanghai, China's second largest city, with a population of about 25,000,000. Gasp!

Next morning, up again and out for another full day of city sights. We visited the French Concession area, the Bund, which is a long and wide pedestrian boulevard that runs along the river in the financial district, and the Yuyuan Garden, a really pretty and serene place right in the middle of the city. We also enjoyed a really superb dumpling lunch. 

After lunch we rode to the second tallest building in Shanghai and traveled up 88 floors to enjoy a 360 degree gobsmacking view of the city. We couldn't go up the tallest building because it hadn't passed the fire inspection yet, as it is newly completed and vacant. 

After that it was getting close to sunset and our last activity of the day was an hour long riverboat cruise on the river. Gorgeous views! 

Shanghai is a marvelous city with a frenetic energy that is very palpable. I liked it much better than Beijing. 

I hope you enjoy my pictures. 

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