Thursday, March 9, 2017


Well. I've been down sick with a combo flu and cold thing for the past three days. Yesterday I let my fever run amok in my body all day in hopes of burning the nasty virus out of it.

It seems to have worked. I feel about 33% better today. But my plans for Singapore fell by the wayside. I did manage to get up and walk through immigration this morning and rode the shuttle bus into town, but I never got off. I just made the trip back and went back to bed. It did help though. A little movement is good.

Here's the pictures I managed to grab from the ship and from the shuttle bus.

Singapore is a very clean and neat city. I would challenge anyone to find a piece of litter on the ground. Even the port was neat and tidy!

Notice what the penalty is here for drug trafficking. They don't screw around. And you're not allowed to bring chewing gum in. Penalty ? Caning. Ouch.

The crazy boat-like building is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It has a very cool infinity pool at the top as well as an observation deck (cost $20 but that includes a drink).

I'm coming back to Singapore next year so hopefully I can go check out the things I missed this time.

Tomorrow we are at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. And then three days at sea. I hope to be well by the time we hit Sri Lanka on the 15th because that's when my next overland trip is to India and the Taj Mahal!

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