Thursday, March 16, 2017

Colombo Sri Lanka

Colombo Sri Lanka

Our time for our India overland trip was now upon us. 5 of us - two other couples and me, were heading out from our stop in Colombo Sri Lanka to Delhi, India, Agra (where the Taj Mahal rests) and then finally on to Mumbai (formerly Bombay) to rejoin the ship. Three nights, one each in Sri Lanka, Delhi and Agra. 

Yesterday was our day and evening in Colombo. It is the capital of Sri Lanka and a big and busy city. Crazy traffic, tuk tuks everywhere. 

It sits on the Indian Ocean and so enjoys some bit of temperate climate with its ocean breezes late in the day. Sri Lanka is about 30% Muslim, 40% Hindu/Buddhist and the rest Christian and other religions. 

Our tour guide and driver, Lucky, picked us up (late) at the ship and off we went for our tour of the city. We visited a Hindu Temple, a Buddhist Temple, and drove past many of the city's historic spots. 

It was hot and muggy and I was feeling the weight of that. It tired me out. Around mid day we stopped for lunch and enjoyed a really nice seafood meal at a beachside restaurant. It was a welcome respite from the heat and din of the city. 

After lunch we stopped by a few more places and then Lucky delivered us to our hotel. He instructed us to be up and ready for him the next morning at 3:45 AM as we had an early morning flight to Delhi. 

The hotel was lovely - The Kingsbury, right at the ocean. We stayed inside as it began to rain quite heavily. We all rested for a few hours and then met in the lobby for dinner at 6:00 PM. 

After we ate, everyone retired early so we could get enough sleep for our early morning coming up. 

Well. We were all up and waiting for Lucky at the appointed time. But he was nowhere to be found. Shortly before 4:00 we called him and he said he'd be there at 4:15. He finally showed at 4:25. We were all a little mad. We got in the van and then he drove like a crazed maniac all the way to the airport. 

He deposited us there and said goodbye and off he went. We were left to fend for ourselves. Fortunately the airport was easily negotiable and we had no trouble getting ourselves checked in and to the gate. 3 passes through different security checkpoints, each with X-ray scanners, etc. but you can take water through!

Our flight was 3 hours and quite pleasant. Sri Lankan Airlines is part of the Oneworld group. I'd use them again if ever I needed. 

We sent an email to our tour company in Delhi to complain about Lucky, so by the time we arrived in Delhi the guide meeting us as well as the main tour representative had responded to us and promised us we'd have no more problems. 

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