Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Taking the Ferry to Dockyards

We hopped on the ferry this morning from Hamilton out to the Dockyards. A short five minute walk from the ship and we were paying our $9 round trip and walking onboard for the 25 minute ride.

The Dockyards is where the bigger ships have to moor. They can't fit through the narrow passage (see my picture with the boat's wake) but the Veendam can! There's not a whole lot in the Dockyards other than a small shopping mall. You can grab yours from here, though, to take you out snorkeling and swimming at local beaches. Otherwise the passengers from these bigger ships must rely on either the ferry or taxis to get them to Hamilton and St. George.

We wanted to ride the ferry and kill some time shopping. We certainly accomplished both this morning. We returned in time for lunch on the ship and this afternoon we have a tour scheduled to visit the Crystal Caves and the Aquarium.

The funny looking glass bubbles you see in one picture is a nod to
The old British shopkeepers when they were taxed by how much light came into their shops. Weird, right? Anyway, the shops made their windows with these bubbles because it cut down on the light and therefore, their taxes.

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