Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Inle Lake Day 2

Our first day on Inle Lake

Having finished breakfast at the hotel, we met JoJo and our longboat at the dock at 9:00. We were going to visit some water villages today across the lake. 

On our way, we stopped to watch the one-legged fishermen. They have two legs but they use one to steer their boats and cast their nets. They're quite interesting to watch in action. I think if I gave it a go, I'd end up doing a belly flop right into the water!!

Once we reached the first village we got out and were treated to demonstrations of how the beautiful lotus fabric is made. Everything here is done by hand. No electric machines, just handwork and hand driven looms. The yarn is spun, dried, dyed, dried again, dyed for a second time, dried again before being dredged in salt to make smooth. Absolutely fascinating. 

In addition to the lotus weaving, we saw the cheroot making. Cheroots are cigars made of a variety of leaves and other ingredients. Hand rolled. 

We also visited a Burmese cat rescue sanctuary, the women who wear rings around their necks, a silversmith shop and a blacksmith. 

We enjoyed Chan noodle soup and Myanmar beer for lunch. Chan noodles are sticky rice noodles and oh so delicious!

On our return to our resort we stopped off at a water garden where the local villagers grow tomatoes and cucumbers in the lake. 

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