Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hpa An

We got up early to get to the airport about a 90 minute drive away for our our flight today to Yangon. While our trip ends in 5 days in Yangon, we were just going to transit through today and head down to Hpa An, some town a six hour drive away from Yangon. 

So we essentially spent the entire day either in the air or in the car. The place JoJo chose for us to see the sunset was pretty spectacular, however. Worth the drive? No. But hey, we're on an adventure. 

We settled in to our little cabana in a lovely setting and after some head shaking and stern talking to the hotel front desk, our triple room really became just that, and, bedding sorted out, we went to the restaurant for a nice little dinner before turning in. 

Today we're going to visit caves and - you guessed it - more pagodas!!! 

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