Sunday, August 6, 2017

Reykjavik Day 2

After a soothing evening soaking up geothermal waste water (haha) from the Blue Lagoon, day two was going to be a whirlwind 10 stops in 5 hours tour with the same company we used in Akureyri and Isafjordur.

Our guide and driver, Mr. Howser, picked 9 of us up right on time and off we went, out of town. He's a fast driver and a great guide. He regaled is all day long with stories about life in Iceland. What a character!

We visited Hafnafjordur, which is the third most populous city in Iceland, with strong Viking roots. The famous Flokki settled in the harbor area and supposedly named the country Ice Land because of the particularly harsh winter he experienced there.

We also visited the President's house. Yes. The President of Iceland. He's a pretty popular guy and you can just drive up to his house and stand at his front door. He has virtually no security. Just one lone and empty police car. You can't go inside, of course, unless he happens to open the door and invite you in, but he doesn't mind people stopping by to visit the property. And he still takes his two young kids to school every day on his bicycle. Yup. They ride in a cart attached to the bike.

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