Thursday, August 10, 2017

Day 1 of 3 in Scotland/Edinburgh

Oh no! Today is my final morning on the Prinsendam. Pooh. Although I'm excited to get off and spend 3 days in the greater Edinburgh area.

Sailing in to Rosyth, the port city about a half hour's train ride from
Edinburgh, you are on the famous Firth of Forth. I think it means the fourth fjord. Or the fjord named Forth. Whatever. It's a cool body of water. And spamming it close to Rosyth are three very neat and different bridges. This red one is a cantilever bridge and voted Scotland's man made wonder and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apparently it's an engineering marvel. All I can say about it is that it's really red and really pretty!

The other bridge is almost as pretty. In fact, the three bridges are all very different from one another. In reviewing my photos I may have slacked off on the third bridge. I might have to see what's what on that front for another post.

After we docked, we had to see the Scottish officials face to face with our passports. It was the first time I was presenting my emergency passport to another country's officials and I was a tad nervous about it. Worried, of course, that they would find something wrong and deny me entry. And of course, as usual, my mind went everywhere bad. But not to worry! Everything went fine. And I was off the ship with my suitcase and backpack in tow.

Six of us had arranged a private tour for the day to visit the Scottish Borders area. This included a visit to Kelso where there's a super old Abbey and a cute little town.

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