Friday, August 11, 2017

Arriving Edinburgh and my B and B

Finally! A long day on the road seeing the borderlands ended with the tour guide dropping me off in town at my B and B. I had to say goodbye to my cruise friends - and
especially Bruce and Susan, with whom I've sailed before and have come to really enjoy spending time together.

My B and B is the childhood home of Robert Louis Stevenson. It is privately owned now, and has been in the same family now for over 40 years. They offer three rooms for staying and I felt lucky to get a booking for the three nights I planned to be in Edinburgh. It's in a great location - easily walkable to the Castle, Royal Mile, tons of restaurants and many other sightseeing places.

It's a very cool house. My room was on the top floor and had a nice view from its large window. The bookshelf on one wall of the room contained an entire set of Stevenson's stories, all bound in blue bindings. They seemed quite old.

Every morning, while sitting downstairs in the dining room having a proper English breakfast, the tour buses would appear on the street and stop in front of the home, with people looking out through the bus windows while a tour guide yakked on and on about who knows what. I found it quite amusing, actually and on the second day I got up and went to the windows and stood there and waved at them. Boy, did the cameras go up at the windows of the bus then! Bahahahaha. Cracked me up. If my own camera wasn't three steep floors up, I would have snapped a picture of THEM taking pictures of ME waving.

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