Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The whole point of this road trip was so that I could bring my mother's ashes to the family plot in the cemetery outside of Savannah, in a small town called Lyons.  My mother was born here, and spent her early childhood here.  Later on she moved to Savannah and then beyond from there.  She died in April 2014, was cremated, and I've had her ashes, waiting for the proper time to bring her "home."

My Dad died a few months ago, and I had purposefully waited until after he passed away to make the trek to inter my mother's ashes.  My father was too ill to make the journey and I really didn't want him to sit home knowing that I was off doing something this important without him being able to go. He knew I would "get around" to taking her home, but it was something that we didn't discuss after she was cremated.

I spent some time thinking about what I wanted to say, and I was so pleased that my cousin Nik made a 6-hour drive up from the Tampa area to participate and pay his respects.  I love him so much, and I appreciated the family support he provided.  I had arranged with the funeral home person to have the plot ready to accept her ashes on the 17th of September at 11:00.  This is another reason the trip was plotted and planned so that we would be in Savannah on the right day, etc.

Everything was ready for us when we arrived at about 10:30.  It was a short but sweet ceremony - I played my mom's favorite song - Alley Cat - sung by Peggy Lee, and then I read a letter to my mother, while Adrienne and Nik stood by in unspoken support.  Afterwards, we covered her urn with the soft Georgia earth and they poured cement over the top to set up.  Rest in peace Nellie.

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