Thursday, September 24, 2015

Goodbye Colorado, hello Utah and Nevada

We ate dinner at a great little Chinese restaurant which happened to be right next door to our campground in Fruita.  We've relied heavily on Yelp reviews for good restaurants at the various cities we've stayed at or driven through, on our road trip.  This Chinese place got high reviews, and did not disappoint.  The food was great, service perfect, and the portions were enormous.  We took half of it home, since our cabin at the park had a fridge and microwave in it.

We settled into our cabin and by dusk we were in bed, laptops alive and humming, but by dark we were yawning and ready for sleep.

At about 1 AM, I woke up, feeling the urge to empty my bladder.  Sigh.  This is what 60 looks like folks.  It just so happened that Adrienne was also awake with the same issue.  I said, "are you awake?" and she said "yep."  I said "I have to pee, do you?"  Her reply - "yep."  Okay, so let's get up and go.  The cabin does not have a bathroom, so you have to walk a little ways through the campground to the bathrooms.  At 1 AM, you need a pee-buddy.

When we got back to the cabin and into our sleeping bags, I said to Adrienne "did you hear the train awhile ago?"  She said "yep."  I said, "it was around midnight, huh?"  She said "yep."  I said "do you think maybe that midnight train was going to Georgia?"  At which point both of us started laughing hysterically.  Then we went back to sleep.  We're good like that.  We can do shit like that.  It's why we've been best friends since we were 11.

Next morning, up at 5:30. Sigh. Another thing about being 60.  We didn't get up right away - I worked on my blog and Adrienne played games on her Kindle.  A little after 6:30 we got up, got dressed, washed, etc. and then about 7:00 we finally felt up to eating leftover Chinese food for breakfast.  I heated up our meal, and we sat outside at the picnic table and chowed down.  No coffee, though.  Well, I thought, we can run through the Golden Arches at a nearby exit and pick that up.

Nope.  It wasn't for over 100 miles before any services.  And I had to settle for a Burger King coffee.  Blech.  Dirty water is more what it was.  Sigh.

But, we crossed over into Utah!

Although we were driving on direct to Elko, Nevada, we stopped off in Salt Lake City for lunch.  We were impressed with the size of the city and we decided we wanted to go check out the Mormon Temple there.  Plus, SLC is the state capitol so we wanted to see that as well.  We were not disappointed.  It's a lovely city and a picturesque area!

This is the Mormon temple.  You're not allowed inside it, but the visitor center across the street has a rendering of what it is like inside.  That's the second picture below.

These two below are the Assembly Hall and the Tabernacle, where the world renowned Tabernacle Choir performs.  You can go in and listen to them practicing, if you're lucky enough to be around when they are.

Assembly Hall


This is a cute bison across the street from the state capitol.

This is the Mormon Battalion Monument, which is under renovation at the moment.  It sits on the grounds of the capitol. It is the only religiously based military unit in the United States.  It was a volunteer unit of over 500 Mormons led by Mormon officers and commanded by U.S. Army officers.
They served in the Mexican American War during 1846-1848.

The state capitol building.

This is an amusing flagman who had to hold back traffic around the capitol.  We were first in line to wait and he entertained us with dance moves and funny facial gestures!  Waiting was never as much fun as this!

The Great Salt Lake and the Salt Flats outside of SLC on the way to the Nevada border.

 Our last state before home!

We had dinner with one of Adrienne's dear friends, who lives in Elko.  Her name is Juli and you can see her in the photo a few below this one.  Adrienne had promised another friend's young son that she would take a picture with a real cowboy, and this was the best one we could find (we never did see one in Texas.....).  This man was SOOOO nice and cooperative!!!

Here's Juli (in the middle).

This is where we ate dinner.  It was delish!  And once again, tons of food!

Sunset in Elko, Nevada, our last stopover before heading home tomorrow.

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  1. I met Juli 35 years ago through the Big Sisters organization and throughout the years we have kept in touch. She is such a sweetheart and made us shirts that say "We survived the Road2Redemption trip" and we had a great dinner together. I was so glad she and Sherita had a chance to spend time together.