Friday, September 25, 2015

Homeward Bound

Well, today is our last day.  We departed Elko a little after 7 this morning and popped back on the I80 West towards California and El Dorado Hills, my home.  Adrienne will stay with us for a few days before flying back to Seattle where she lives.

We had a couple of goals today - get the last state picture - California, to finish off our state tours - and eat lunch at a Steak N Shake (there was one in Reno).  Check, and check.  The Steak N Shake can't beat In N Out as far as I'm concerned, but it was a nice lunch nonetheless.  I think I will give my vote to What A Burger for the best overall burger experience, and of course Waffle House for overall breakfast.  Neither of those places exist here in California, so I'm glad I got to try them all out!!

We've had some trouble from time to time getting good pictures in front of the various "welcome to xxx state" signs, as they are right on the highways and sometimes they exist in the middle of a bridge with no room to pull over, or sometimes they are on a very busy highway with little room on the right to safely pull over.  California's sign today was in a place not conducive to pulling over.  Our backup plan for times like these are to stop in at the Welcome Center which is usually just a few miles from the border.  But then there are other times when you don't get much at all.  Sigh.  All I will say is I did my best to get us close to signs in a safe manner.

This is the chocolate shake I had at Steak N Shake.  It looked way better than it tasted.  Not that it was not good, it just wasn't the best I've ever had.

Here we are in front of a paltry lame sign at Truckee's Welcome Center - 20 some miles past the state line  Sheesh.  My own home state had the lamest sign ever.

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