Saturday, September 12, 2015

Grand Canyon to Las Cruces New Mexico

Day 3 of our trip meant a long drive from GC all the way to Las Cruces New Mexico.  A little over 500 miles planned and not all of those miles were interstate roads.  I had routed us over I40 to 180 East, hooking in to Highway 60 which would take us across the mountains eventually connecting to I25 and then down to Las Cruces.  I had wanted to pass through this silly named town called Truth or Consequences.  Having spent some time already in Albuquerque, another route to Las Cruces was in order. However, when it got later in the day, we changed plans a little bit and skipped Truth or Consequences, staying on 180 instead all the way down to I10 at Deming and then a short hop over to Las Cruces.

We did make a stop along I40 which caused us to delay our arrival in Las Cruces.  My friend Amy had told me about this meteor crater in Arizona that was supposed to be pretty cool, and lo and behold, access to it was right off of I40, near to Winslow.  We detoured out there and were glad we did!  It is the world’s best preserved meteor crater.  

Our route along 180 turned out to be a beautiful drive.  We were in the mountains along the Continental Divide and the highway took us all the way to over 8,000 feet in elevation.  The scenery was spectacular!

Our tent at KOA Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Looking good!!!
The KOA was a very nice place, actually.  It was my first time at one of these campgrounds.  The site had electric and water, there was an outdoor kitchen by our campsite, and the facility had really clean bathrooms with showers, a laundry room so you could do your laundry at $2 per load.  There was also a swimming pool available.
We had a very restful sleep, but it was pretty hot out that day, so we used sheets for covers instead of our sleeping bags.

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