Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca 

Our first of three ports in Spain!

Mallorca is an island off the southeast coast of mainland Spain. 

The Santa Maria Cathedral is a huge gothic landmark first built over a mosque in the 13th century and later added Gaudi's influence to its continued additions and updates. It overlooks the pretty Bay of Palma. Palma is the main resort city and where we docked for the day. 

The weather was nothing short of spectacular - sunny and "just right" warm. 

There are some nice places to visit here - behind the cathedral is the old town, with narrow winding streets and tree-lined boulevards, as well as pedestrian only streets full of sidewalk cafes and different shops. 

A short drive from the old city center you can stop at the top of a hill to see the Bellver Castle, built for King James in the 14th century and then later used as a prison for many years. It is one of the few circular castles that exist in Europe. 

Another small group of us went on a day-long tour and visited the old town, the cathedral as well as the castle. We only had a photo stop at the castle as it opened late and we were also heading out of the city for a small village on the other side of the island - Valldemossa. 

The biggest draw to Valldemossa is the monastery from the 1300's as it was Chopin's home for awhile when he became sick with tuberculosis. It's also a haven for bicycle enthusiasts (as in riding) so you've got to watch how you drive up the curvy mountain road to get there. 

Our tour was nice and relaxing. In the morning we had well over an hour to visit the inside of the large cathedral as well as personal time to wander about the old city streets. 

In Valldemossa we had over two hours to walk about, have a leisurely lunch at a pleasant outdoor cafe and time to window shop. Some of our group went into the monastery; I was not one of them. Jimmy and I wanted to spend more together time as opposed to more touring time, as it was our last day together. 

So that's the day in Mallorca!

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