Thursday, April 6, 2017

Athens Day Two

My plan for day two in Athens was to go to the Acropolis museum, enjoy a light meal at a sidewalk cafe and then walk around the local port town of Piraeus where we were docked. 

We got to the museum before the hoards of school kids arrived and were happy about that. The kids are so noisy!!! 

We spent a good hour inside enjoying the many artifacts from the Acropolis that were on display. 

After the museum we managed to find our way to Monastiraki Square and the pedestrian streets surrounding it, where we stopped to sit at a cafe and enjoyed a frappe, which is a cold foam covered instant coffee drink kind of unique to Greece. It was pretty tasty and welcomed after all of our walking. 

Soon enough it was time to grab the shuttle back to the port. Part two of the afternoon was a walk around the port area. Quite near the ship is a beautifully restored Orthodox church of Saint Nicholas. Beautiful murals inside. We went in and each lit a candle and said prayers for our mutual friend RG who we learned had just passed away a few days ago. I'd known RG since 1991 from work and he'd gone on to work for Jim's brother, an attorney in Los Angeles, for many years. 

Just around the corner from the church I spotted a nail salon so while I went in and got a great pedicure (desperately needed but not enough to pay the highway robbery prices on the ship), Jimmy found a corner cafe and had a "cawfee".  

Toes and feet happy, we continued our little walking tour of the port and eventually ended up at yet another outdoor cafe where we sipped a beer and enjoyed people watching, as well as the beautiful weather, before finally returning to the ship. 

Next stop is Napflion, a new port for both of us. 

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