Monday, October 4, 2010

No Hoarding Allowed

Every time I watch an episode of Hoarders, I have this massive compulsion (yeah, don't go there...) to go find something in my house and throw it away.

Tonight is no different. 10 minutes into the show and I'm in the kitchen during a commercial break, tossing out 1/2 my plastic ware that's stuffed on the bottom rack of my dishwasher (no, I don't use my dishwasher for washing dishes - due to the lack of enough cabinet space in my kitchen, I store plastic and glass ware in there instead). I mean, I've lived here for 10 months now and I rarely use any of the plastic stuff. I almost exclusively use the glassware instead - I don't like putting plastic in the microwave to heat up my leftovers for lunch at work - so why not just get rid of that crapola?

Go me.

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