Monday, April 18, 2016

Some pictures between Hawaii and Rarotonga

Early in the morning, when out walking around the deck for my daily exercise, I've had the opportunity to witness some really nice sunrises.  Here's some of my favorite shots so far.  Some of them look more like sunsets, but trust me, they're not. There's only one shot below that's a sunset and I'll note which one it is.

This is the sunset shot.

More sunrises

I love the color of the water as it churns up near the aft of the ship, folding into the wake.

One more sunrise

We had an Indonesian Tea Ceremony the other day - I had a lovely green tea infused with jasmine flowers.  We also tasted some of Indonesia's ceremonial sweets

The other night the ship's singers and dancers put on a show called Soundstage.  This shot below was while the theme song for Mission Impossible was playing.  I thought it was pretty cool.

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