Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Puerto Montt Chile

Our first three ports this trip are all tender ports. No, that does not mean they are sweet and loving, nor delicate. Rather, it means in order to step on land we need to first step on a lifeboat and motor away towards the pier, away from our anchored ship, which will sit in the bay awaiting our return at the end of the day like a devoted canine companion waits for its master's return. 

Puerto Montt is an active fishing port located at the end of the line of Chile's beautiful Lake District.

Puerto Montt was founded in the mid 19th century during the German colonization of southern Chile.  It is the gateway to the Chiloe Archipelago and Western Patagonia.

It is best known today as the second largest salmon producer of the world, although agriculture, cattle and forestry are also huge contributors to this area’s growing and strong economy.

I was on the first tender out this morning as I had booked an all
Day tour out to the Lakes and Volcano area. It was a really pretty day. Sunshine abounded and we were lucky to be able to see clear
Views of the famous Osorno volcano. We drove past Lago
Llanquihue (yawn key way) one our left and then soon after the Petrohue River on our right. 

We took a nice boat ride on the lake and then visited Petrohue Falls. The weather was perfect. 

For lunch we heard back toward the port and stopped off in Puerto Varas. Lunch was yummy. We started with Pisco Sours a popular drink here. Then there was soup (salad in my case) followed by a nicely prepared salmon with new potatoes. 

After lunch we had about an hour to wander about the town. I always enjoy the central plaza and this one was small but cute. Two men were playing flutes and that was enjoyable. 

All too soon our day was done. Now here I am in the port terminal taking advantage of the free wifi to post this and upload pictures.

This was our first view of Osorno as we drove around the Lake in the morning.

Getting closer!

Getting ready for our boat ride across/around the lake.  Snapped this little group of kayakers getting ready to go for a paddle.

 Look!  Here's our boat!  Not.

A bee photobombed my picture!!  And a big-ass bee it was!!

After our boat ride, we drove to Petrohue Falls which made for some very picturesque shots of both the river, falls and Osorno.

Small but mighty!

It's me!  Sans the bee!!

Below the falls.  The water is such a pretty color.

Some "from the road" shots of the countryside.

That clouded-top mountain over there is the volcano that erupted last year.

Lots of country roads leading out to farmhouses in the distance.  These properties all have gorgeous views of the Lake across the road.


 Hay bales! (along with rain, I'm a big fan of hay bales)

Local plaza musician.

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