Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Port Canaveral and Fort Lauderdale

Port Canaveral and Fort Lauderdale

Spent the day in Port Canaveral on a ship tour to the Kennedy Space Center. It was an 8 hour tour. 

It's a very impressive place and the tours well done. We got to see a number of Saturn rockets as well as the launch pads and the roads that the tractor thingies carry the missiles and shuttle to the launch pads. The roads are specially made as these spacecraft weigh millions of pounds. 

We also spent time in the Atlantis area where we saw the retired shuttle and got to use simulators to try to do things like land the shuttle (I crashed multiple times). 

Finally we saw a very cool 3D IMAX movie detailing the current Orion project which is all about sending manned spacecraft to Mars. The plan is for 2030. How exciting!

I managed to pick up a sore throat and runny nose overnight so today in Fort Lauderdale I was dragging a bit. 

This is a big port where a bunch of passengers got off (they had started in Quebec) and about 600 passengers got on. I had signed up for a land and water tour and spent an enjoyable half day driving through the city and learning some things about the history of this area. 

We also got to go on a riverboat cruise for about 90 minutes up the Intercoastal waterway where we saw some gorgeous waterfront homes along with matching mega yachts. I posted a number of photos on my Facebook page. When I get home I will post pics here but due to limited internet connectivity I can't do it now. 

We leave shortly, headed for Cartagena Colombia. We have two days at sea to get there. We will pass very close to Cuba on our way out tonight.

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  1. Wow! Great tours! Sorry you are not feeling 100% :-(

    Wave to Cuba for me and enjoy your sea days!!!!