Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend in Florida

I just spent one of the best weekends ever - with my aunt and cousin at their beach house in Treasure Island, Florida. I took Friday and Monday off from work, flew in to Tampa on Friday, and back home Monday afternoon. 3 nights and 2 1/2 days of fun and joy.

My cousin Nik met me at the airport and we zipped off back to Treasure Island, one of the fantastic Gulf coast beach communities in the Tampa Bay area. Treasure Island boasts the most beautiful sunsets imaginable and seduces visitors with the world's best beaches - with white-capped sand, pristine waters and a gentle bay breeze. It is truly a paradise to behold.

This was my first visit to Treasure Island - my aunt and uncle have owned the beach house there for close to 30 years. It's actually a mini compound - the property sits just 100 feet or so from the beach, and consists of 2 buildings - the front building faces Gulf Blvd, which is the main drag of Treasure Island, Madeira Beach and some other communities. The front building is two stories, a 1 bedroom apartment on the bottom and a studio apartment above. The back building faces the beach and has a 2 bedroom apartment upstairs over a 2 car garage. In between the two buildings is a large and lovely patio area. My cousin lives in the 2 bedroom flat, my aunt in the 1 bedroom, and they rent out the studio. It's a wonderful property - close to all the restaurants and bars, right on the beach and central to the coastal communities. I'm sold, truth be told. I'd love to find some similar type of property. It's a great place to get away to, and live there full time as well.

Anyway, it was a lovely couple of days. Great seafood at a couple of local restaurants - a gorgeous sunset that delivered on its promise, an awesome Harley ride with my cousin, a sun-filled afternoon on the beach with my aunt, early morning walks on the beach, running errands and doing chores around the property - lots of laughter, quiet talks, ocean breezes, icy margaritas, and an amazing cacophony of birds.

Here's some pics.

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  1. u r right gorgeous sunset...mike & i need a getaway...