Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Miss that chit chat

I called Sam today. She's had a rough couple of weeks - and she finally made a decision about something that I fully support, not that she needed that, but I'm hoping she appreciates my being there for her.

Anyway, even though we chat by gmail and email each other pretty often - nearly every day - I really miss talking "live" with her every day. Not even to talk about something important, just the normal daily chatter - "hey, what's up, nothing, how're you". Just hearing her voice makes me feel like everything is a-okay.

When she lived in New York, going to college, she used to call me at night, late for her, when she was coming home from either work, or the library, or from some friend's dorm or apartment. We'd chat while she waited for a bus or in a taxi if it was really late, until she got back to her dorm. I miss those chats!

I know it sounds dumb, but I watch tv shows and see kids coming over/dropping by their parent's homes and I secretly wish to myself that I could have that. That we could share shabbat every week, or Sunday brunch, or just a glass of wine and a whine session!

I'll keep hoping. Hope springs eternal.

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