Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Can Happen In A Day

Yesterday I was so freaked out about Summer's newly diagnosed condition of CRF. I knew I was going to have learn how to give her daily sub-q fluids via an ICKY needle. Today I had an appointment after work with the vet tech to learn how to do it. Cassandra, one of my co-workers, was so kind - she offered good encouragement and brought me an IV pole to borrow as long as I may need it. God Bless Cassandra!!!

Anyway, I went home and got Summer, put her in her cat carrier and rushed off to the vet for my 4:30 appointment. 45 minutes later, I was a newly indoctrinated giver/administrator of sub-q fluids in my kitty! I took to it like a duck to water. An entire day's worth of angst and fear now completely gone. I CAN do this!!!

And Summie seems to be feeling better already. She came home and ate her dinner, and now she's sitting next to me in bed and swishing her tail around like she owns the place. I am so grateful she feels better. It gives me hope that she can have some continued good quality life for quite a while. Joining a list group on yahoo for people that have cats in CRF has helped me a lot too, there is tons of good advice, lots of info and I don't feel so alone.

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