Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Tales

I've lived here in the Sacramento area since mid-February and have yet to venture out to the downtown Sacramento area. Today was the day I decided to get with the program and go out and have a look-see. The weather was supposed to be lovely - high 70's to low 80's and the promise of that held true.

So, early this morning, I loaded up the van with the dogs and the dog stroller and we headed downtown to Old Sacramento. I had read about an easy 1 mile hike along the Sacramento River that begins at the train/railroad museum and goes in a loop along the riverfront walk. You could also take a detour down Capitol Mall road to the Capitol buildings, which I decided to do.

It didn't take long to get to the J Street exit off the 5 - about 25 minutes from my home in Roseville. There was a nice parking garage just across the street from the museum and within a few minutes I had the dogs out, Molly in the stroller, and we were ready to rock and roll.

We spent a little over an hour down there - walking the entire time - Rox was exhausted, bless her nearly 13 year-old self, and Molly, well, Molly had a chance to get out and walk some too, but she does love her stroller!! Since it's so hard for her to walk farther than a couple of blocks these days, this stroller allows us to all stay together and enjoy our time outdoors.

I really enjoyed spending the morning in a new place - I am constantly amazed at how much I really like it here - I dragged myself nearly kicking and screaming to this area, but I'm so glad I came (on many levels....) Sacramento is called the City of Trees, and I can see why! It is really a green place.

On our way back from the capitol mall area, I chose a zig-zag route that took us along parts of Old Sacramento - neighborhood cafes, the Crest Theatre (where my favorite independent and artsy/fartsy films play - now I know where it is!!!) and an eclectic mix of local shops and businesses. It's a place I'm anxious to visit again.

I've attached a few pictures - some riverboats along the Sacramento River, the Tower Bridge (it's the one that is gold in color) and of course, the dogs and the Capitol building.

Till next time - oink out

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